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The octopus package is a database management tool built entirely in R. You can preview tables, upload files, send queries, and more.

All database credentials are handled by the R user. Simply pass a supported database connection object created with DBI::dbConnect() to the function octopus::view_database() and octopus will start a shiny application allowing you to interact with the database.

Try it out here!

Supported Databases

The octopus package currently supports the following databases:

#> [1] "PqConnection"         "Snowflake"            "Vertica Database"    
#> [4] "duckdb_connection"    "MySQLConnection"      "SQLiteConnection"    
#> [7] "Microsoft SQL Server"


Install the stable version from CRAN.


Install the development version from github.



Here is an example of connecting to a database and running the main function of octopus.

# Create a Database Connection
drv <- duckdb::duckdb()
con <- DBI::dbConnect(drv)

# Write some data
DBI::dbWriteTable(con, "mtcars", mtcars)

# View the Database